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The Birches, Crieff

A unique gift for the whole family can enjoy was the inspiration behind my commission to draw a period house and former hotel in Perthshire. However, The Birches care home in Crieff is barely recognisable from the family-run hotel the customer grew up in. Using old photographs from the 1940s, I tried to capture the spirit of the place in ink.

"When I contacted Jenny about working on a drawing of a building from our family’s history she was on top of things right from the start. As the piece took shape she sent me a sketch in pencil for approval before starting the pen work. I couldn’t believe how amazing it looked and how true to life right away. As well as the original drawing which she framed, I asked Jenny to make up prints from it, which she mounted and mailed to family members for me. Throughout the whole process she was organized, extremely helpful, and very kind. Then there’s her talent - the drawing is incredible. Everyone in the family is thrilled with it. She really has captured the house and this piece of art has rekindled many memories."


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